Gift Tape Measure
Promotional tape measure


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Promotional tape measure & gift tape measure:

The promotional tape measure gift are welcome used by advertisment, free gift, promotion activity, your logo and brand name can printing on the promotional tape measure box.

The box of promotional tape measure gift should be in many different shapes, such as animals, leaf, house, bird, car, bus, light, round box, ball box, square box, fruit, and so on. The box of the promotional tape measure gift should be with colorfull color, double color, 3 color, and so on. Also can do new style by clients request.

Key chain should be on the promotional tape measure gift.

Our promotional tape measure gift are welcomed by the European market, American market, Asia Market, Australia market and as well as Africa market.

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Promotional tape measure gift

promotional tape measure gift

Promotional Tape Measure-001

Promotional tape measure gift

This style of promotional tape measure gift with white rectangle box, have key chain on the box, your brand name or logo can be printing on both side of the box.

The tape length should be: 150cm, 100cm.

gift tape measure

Gift Tape measure-002

Gift Tape measure

This gift tape measure with square box holder, attached key chain on the tape measure box, The box color of gift tape measure should be green , yellow, blue, red, your logo and name welcomed to printing on the box.

The length of the gift tape measure should be 100cm, 150cm.

promotional tape measure

Tape measure gift-003

Tape measure gift

This tape measure gift welcomed use to loose your fat, it's easy to know your latest body measure if you take this gift tape measure, it's small and easy to be take into your pocket of your bag or pocket of your cloth.

Your logo, brand name can be printing on the box of the tape measure gift.

tape measure gift

Tape measure gift-004

Promotional tape measure gift

Upon this promotional tape measure, you can easy to know if you are overweight, obese, or normal. We call it BMI tape measure gift.

Welcomed you put tial order of this BMI tape measure


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