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China Supplier of Traffic cone,car cone, safety cone:

As one 15 years business company in line of road traffic products, we can supply many different styles of traffic cone, car cone, safety cone, mini traffic cone, traffic safety cone, pip up safety cone, reflective traffic cone.

Our traffic cone are welcomed by the world market, Supply capacity: 1,000 pcs per day.

Welcomed large importers, road traffic company put trial orders to us, Our experienced representatives welcomed you contact us now.

Manufacturer of traffic cone, car cone, safety cone, reflective cone :

traffic cone

Traffic Cone

Traffic Cone

Details of reflective traffic cone:

  • 100% PVC flow-molded traffic cones "one piece design" means no seams to split or tear, or other materials: PE,Rubber materials available.
  • Brilliant fluorescent red/orange or lime traffic cones with UV inhibitors
  • Superior flexibility in heat and cold - traffic cones bounce back from an impact
  • Cleated bases grip the road. Wide body design ensures stability
  • Traffic cones increase driver & pedestrian awareness of work zone
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    reflective traffic cone

    Reflective Traffic Cone

    Reflective Traffic Cone

    PE traffic cone

     1) Material: PE+Rubber
    2) Specifications: 50cm, 75cm, 100cm
    3) Weight:1.5kg,2.5kg,5.0kg

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    traffic car cone

    PVC traffic car cone

    PVC traffic car cone

    1.The recycle PVC black base was produced in a separate mould firstly,
    2.Then we insert the base into the full PVC cone mould and inject fluorescent premium PVC.
    3.The PVC materials fills into the base and cone areas, interlocking as a single inseparable piece.
    4.They would be stuck together after post forming, they would not separate even truck run over them.

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    safety cone

    Rubber safety cone

    Rubber Traffic Safety Cone

    Features of Rubber traffic cones:
    1.100% Rubber flow-molded "one piece design" means no seams to split or tear, as well as easier stacking.
    2.Brilliant fluorescent red/orange with UV inhibitors on both the surface and inner layer.
    3.Superior flexibility in heat and cold - bounces back from an impact.
    4.Wide body design ensures stability.
    5.Highly reflective positioned sleeve.

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